Spring came extra early this year, so now is the perfect time to pick up running againg. Are you training for the Antwerp Ten Miles or for a marathon? Then give the Woodway Curve Treadmill a try and feel the difference. 

This advanced, curved treadmill that is completely powered by you has numerous advantages for your health and running performance. 

Use More Muscle Groups and Expend More Energy

Due to the propelling technique required to drive the running belt forward (similar to running outside), the curved treadmill recruits more muscles (glutes and hamstrings) throughout your run. By minimising the vertical displacement of the body’s centre of mass on the curved treadmill there is a coinciding increase in energy expenditure.

Run More Naturally and Burn More Calories

The design encourages you to run on the balls of your feet, which in turn reduced the impact on joints and improved running performance. There is more core and trunk engagement due to the need to run at an ergonomically correct angle. This forces you to maintain proper posture otherwise you will feel off balance.

In addition, average calorie expenditure has been shown to be 30-40% higher on a curved treadmill compared to a flat treadmill.

Self-Powered and Simple to Use

Due to the curved treadmill is being completely powered by the user, it is simple and quick to get started. Simply jump on and shift your body weight forward to walk, jog or run, no buttons involved. 

A Harder Workout Guaranteed

Increased rate of perceived exertion has been demonstrated to be much  higher on a curved treadmill compared to the conventional flat treadmill.

No Electricity Required

They are friendlier to the environment due to being completely powered by the user. 

What are you waiting for? Give the curved treadmill a try during your next workout at David Lloyd and discover the benefits!