The key to a happy and healthy relationship? Sweat it out together! Several scientific studies show that couples that train together are happier, argue less and stay together longer. Another bonus: working out with a partner is beneficial to the quality of your workout. You encourage and challenge each other, which helps you perform better and reach your goals faster. Finally, working out together is just a lot more fun than doing it on your own.

So this year, exchange that traditional Valentine’s Day dinner for some fun and sporty quality time at David Lloyd Antwerp. Our club has lots of great activities planned for couples on February 14th. Members who would like to bring along a non-member as their ‘date’ on Valentine’s day are more than welcome to.What do we have in store for you this Valentine’s Day? Our yoga studio will be beautifully lit with lots of candles. What’s more romantic? Or surprise your date with a VitaminMe work-out: a unique session with heat-therapy and the sound of waves in the background. Or what about a duo SYNRGY work-out. This functional training-‘playground’ offers countless possibilities for a total body work-out. Because you can train at your own pace this work-out is perfect to do together.

Is your Valentine not a member of the club? Let us know you’re bringing a date by emailing the code ‘LLOYDLOVE’ to [email protected]