Why is physical activity so important to the over-50s?

Ageing goes hand in hand with a constant decrease in muscle mass, exercise capacity and elasticity. The older you get, the faster you get tired and the less strength you have. Fortunately, there is a simple remedy: more exercise. Scientific research has shown that regular physical activity has a ton of advantages for people over the age of 50: 

  • You have much more energy
  • Reduces the risk of falling
  • Improves balance
  • Improves general physical fitness-
  • You stay independent longer
  • People who exercise regularly sleep better
  • Sport stimulates memory
  • Weight loss
  • Working out in group stimulates your social life
  • Helps to de-stress

Did you get little or no exercise at a younger age, but do you want to start working on your physical fitness now? Consider an activity that doesn’t require any specific skills and that you can easily learn at a later age. A few examples: 


A sport that is very popular with the elderly is swimming. Swimming is an excellent way to remain fit and improve mobility. Swimming is also a good way to keep muscles and joints supple. 


Yoga is also a very relaxing way to stay supple. Yoga helps to stretch the muscles and improves blood circulation. A yoga lesson gives you a lot of energy and it helps you to relax. 

Most importantly, however, you should pick a sport that you like to do. Our coaches will be happy to guide you in your choice of sport, or in drawing up a custom training schedule. Come and visit the club for a free tour! 

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