Here we are at home, on the couch. To start with it wasn’t too bad: we worked from home, we regularly trained outside or in the living room. But after such a long time, our motivation is slowly disappearing. We find ourselves wondering: When will the gym be open again?

Fitness open again
When will fitness facilities reopen?

We no longer want to exercise alone. Those YouTube workout videos no longer satisfy our hunger. We miss our friends and the instructors we trained with. We want the gym to open again, and soon!

Enough sitting still

The world has been still long enough. And you’ve struggled alone at home to keep motivated, to keep exercising. Not for long!

When can fitness facilities reopen?

First we were told that our gyms could be reopened on 1 May. But the numbers turned against us. So we will wait and see … But don’t worry! Outdoor activities are allowed. And that brings us hope!

What are the rules?

Are you lost with all the different rules? Here’s a brief summary of the current measures related to sports for you.

If you would you rather go over the complete regulations they are available for you on the Sport Vlaanderen website.

Children and young people up to and including 18

Outdoor sports are allowed for young people up to the age of 18. This is allowed in groups of maximum 10 people, excluding sports coaches/instructors.

Children under the age of 13 are allowed to play sports indoors, but they are encouraged to do so outdoors instead.

It is recommended that children and young people only do 1 extra-curricular activity. This way you limit the number of groups they come together with.

Anyone over 19

For adults, sport is only allowed outside. This can be done in groups of maximum 4 people, including a coach/instructor. You must always keep at least a meter and a half apart.


Swimming pools may open, but not all. Only instruction pools, children’s and sports pools. Recreational pools remain closed.

Changing facilities

Changing rooms and showers will remain closed in fitness centres but may be used at swimming pools.

Exercise safely at David Lloyd Clubs

So, we are allowed to exercise outside in a group. That is why David Lloyd organizes numerous outdoor sports activities! In small groups of 3 plus an instructor. This way you and your fitness friends can motivate and encourage each other again.

Enjoy different sports

“What exactly can I come and do?” You may ask. You can come and play tennis on our courts and swim in the outdoor pools. But that’s not everything! There are also outdoor fitness classes including spinning sessions. All taking place in the open air.

Bliss! Exercising in the sun, at a safe distance from each other. Lots of fresh air. And best of all: getting a taste of that group feeling again and going for it together. What else could you want?

Curious about what we all have to offer? Then be sure to take a look at our outdoor activity timetable.

Get back on the move at The Premium Clubs in Antwerp and Brussels.

So you want to enjoy premium sports sessions, sports coaching and training together with friends? David Lloyd is where you need to be! We guarantee your safety while you work-out again.

Or Enjoy David Lloyd At Your Home

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