Most people know all too well that you always have to warm up your muscles before an intense workout. But what many tend to forget is that the cooldown afterwards is just as important.

A cooldown helps your body return to a state of rest after a workout. Gradually reducing the intensity of your workout allows for your bloodcirculation to readjust to your heart rate. If you quit abruptly, you might start to feel dizzy or – in extreme cases – even faint. In addition, a cooldown helps to prevent muscle fatigue and stiffness after exercise.

Our members Jasmien and Nathalie always make time for a cooldown after their marathon training sessions. “We never skip the cooldown. We do a series of exercises with a foam roller to stretch our muscles, or some core stability exercises. Everything to prevent injuries. “

Take some time after your workout for a cooldown. Give yourself and your body some time to unwind. Prevent injuries and feel less tired after your workouts.